A Message from Rebecca and Sarah


To all of moms family and friends,

Thank you for all of your memories and stories.  What can I say but "what a mom".

I was so fortunate to have her for a mother and Sarah a gramma.  Mom was strict with me being a teacher but at the same time allowed me to experience many things that other kids could never have, like scuba diving and sky diving, it taught me responsibility at an early age.

 She was also doing the same  for Sarah. Sarah often would say "why is it every time we go on vacation  with gramma  it has to be educational?"  The three of us  would go on a girls vacation every year and of course the wonderful fishing trips with mom and Lou were priceless.

Sarah says "I had the best gramma in the world and it makes me very sad that I won't see her until I get to heaven, but I still have my grandaddy Louie, so the fishing trips will go on and many more memories too".

To a wonderful mom and Lady of the sea.

Rebecca and Sarah